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Transformational Coaching Program

through voice, psycho sensory modalities,

alchemy of vibration and neuroscience

“Some people look for a beautiful place, others make a place beautiful.”

Hazrat Inayat Khan

      ONE TO ONE 


Benefits of Taking This Course

– The new authentic tone of your voice

 – Clearing out the main  limiting beliefs that hold back the full potential of your voice and personality

 – Creating out the major emotional and traumatic events related to your voice and expression through psycho sensory techniques called Havening Techniques. 

-Removing biological confits related to your throat, which is our main centre of communication

-Learn how to the law of vibration and sound to help you bring harmony and balance to your life

-Learn how to always your truth without sacrificing who you truly are?

-Restoring  love and full acceptance  of  your body and yourself  through the alchemical use of sound and your true tone of the voice

-Find your unique and secret home frequency, the resonance of your physical body which can be  used to heal yourself

-Extend the vocabulary and scale of the sounds you will use while speaking and singing

-Tap into extrasensory perception by learning how to deeply listen and how to decode micro-vibration

-Learning practical and straightforward ways of sound healing by working with your voice

– Integrating feminine and masculine aspect of your voice 

This program helps individuals restore the original tone of their voice and the blueprint of their personality. 

It is a journey back to your authentic you. Journey back home where it is safe to be yourself.

 The sciences of vibration, psych-sensory modalities, neuroscience and practical knowledge about the alchemy of sound make this process useful, helpful and interesting.  


“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.”

Nikola Tesla

An authentic and natural tone of your voice is your unique vibrational signature which you are known by in our physical world. 

What if the blueprint of our voice gets distorted throughout life? 

Do you know that majority of the people don’t like the tone of their voices? 


Because they don’t use their own voices, It is that  simple. Subconsciously they know, that they hear someone else talking every time they speak. 

One of the promises of the process is to bring your authentic Self back into your voice. 

The vibration of our voices holds an incredible amount of information about us. It truly contains the mystery of who we are and our full personality.

  An authentic you, powerful, strong, able to say no or yes,  certain, soft, gentle, beautiful, loving, direct, and more, there are only a few of the qualities you can unlock by restoring the blueprint of an original tone of your voice.

 The vibration of our voices holds an incredible amount of information about us. It truly contains the mystery of who we are and our entire personality. Usually, we are not aware of it on the conscious level, but on the subconscious level is there. 

 Our voice is one of the main tools we use to navigate our life. Once we unlock our true tone, our authentic voice will carry our new vibration of balance and harmony. Changing your voice vibration will create an opportunity for miracles to happen. Those positive lifestyle changes will help you in your daily life and those who are around you.

FUNDATION – Session 1

(Understanding vibration, voice and sound)


(removing major obstacles related to communication, voice and self expression using Havening Techniques and psycho-sensory modalities)

VOICE TRAINING – Session 4, 5, 6 

– Voice Assessment and diagnosis 

– Speaking Voice Training

-Singing Voice Training

  INTEGRATION Session 7 

  Transformational Havening Session 

– Integration of the feminine and masculine

aspect of our voice tone.

This gives us six sessions as a foundation to restore your authentic voice and personality. Most people don’t use their voices throughout their entire life. Because of this fact, removing obstacles to your true tone of your voice  and learning how to apply it in everyday life can not happen overnight. It takes some time.

Join me on this journey

What the price contains:

     1) 20 min free consultation

2) Foundation Session 

        3) 2 Sessions of Havening Techniques 

4) 3 Sessions working with voice

(speaking and singing level)  

5) Integration of the journey  


Customised track for meditation and affirmation created from your voice.  

The price is: 480£


Additionally, I offer coaching sessions:

 60 min coaching session –65£          


Sounds interesting?

If you would like to know more about how I can help you I offer free off charge  20- minute complimentary consultation.

      Tel-Sabio +44(0)7749725121 

After our journey, we will have an opportunity to analyse your voice in order to find your Vibrational Signature. This signature is the tone that is unique only for you. You will be able to use it for meditation, affirmations, self-hypnosis and many other purposes. This special tone will not be rejected by your nervous system and it will work as biofeedback for you. The Vibrational Signature will help you quickly calm down and relax your nervous system, bringing balance and rest. That’s is the entry to the state where you can meditate with ease and very effectively work with your subconscious mind.

This option is only available for those who will accomplish the whole Mastery of Vibration Process

Do I love the tone of my voice?
Do  I  love my body and mind?
Is the sound of my voice the most loving sound to my ears?
Do I fully accept the way I speak and sound?
 Do others feel relaxed listing to my voice? 
How long others can listen to me speaking without being bored or annoyed?
Do people I talk to cut me off when I speak?
Does the tone of my voice make other people tired?
Do I use the full potential of my voice while communicating?
Most people use only 3 tones to communicate. How many tones do I use? 
Do sounding and speaking is the same thing?
Does the tone of my voice sounds beautiful, strong, certain, or do only your words and language have those qualities?

Does it resonate with you?

If you would like to know more about how I can help you I offer free off charge  20- minute complimentary consultation.

      Tel-Sabio +44(0)7749725121 

The Latin word for the person is persona: human being, mask or the character. It also means sounding through(per-sonar) or something which sound goes through. This makes sense because our bodies truly are instruments. The vibration in our throat creates the sounds and tones which are being formed into the words and language. We use it to communicate, create,  perform and co-create in the physical world with other personalities(characters). Looking from this perspective, personality (per-sonar)  is the process of toning through the mask(the body), which is our instrument to perform on the stage of the theatre of life. The more beautiful, balanced and harmonised sounds and tones we are able to produce, the more beautiful, balanced and harmonised personality we are able to present to the co-creation of our world.



Multi Instrumentalist, composer, Certified Havening practitioner, the end of life doula, transformational coach, multi-disciplinary holistic mental health practitioner.

Since 2005, thanks to his unique skills, he has visited and worked in more than 85 countries, delivering performances, workshops, education and retreats worldwide.

“The greatest passion in my life is to help individuals and groups to restore an original balanced state of wellness, inner peace, joy and harmony to their everyday lives.

As a musician with therapeutic background, my approach is to safely guide you through the harmonisation process of your mental and physical aspects of you. I am sincerely willing to help you restore your true power, your divine signature. This power is your voice. By restoring these crucial aspects of yourself, you can smoothly and peacefully navigate through your personal space and restore harmony and balance in your everyday life.

“By desiring harmony, you will balance your life. By becoming “harmony”, you can change the world.”

Sabio Janiak

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